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Slim Logic Slimming Cream

Slim Logic Slimming Cream

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Anti-cellulite Slimming Cream – Body

The figure is resculpted, contours are slimmed down.
The cellulite is smoothed away, the skin’s orange peel aspect is visibly minimised.
After 1 month application : -1,8cm off the waistline(1), -1,8cm off hip circumference(2), -1,6cm off thigh circumference(1).

Average loss, (1) Panel of 5 test subjects, (2) Panel of 6 test subjects


REDUCES FAT : Caffeine is known for triggering the process of breaking down fat and Cellulysium for preventing the storage of fat.
INNOVATION – Délipogénase II helps increase and accelerate the process of breaking down fat by rendering "storage" adipocytes active, like "combustion" adipocytes: adipocytes burn more fat than they store, resulting in maximum effective slimming.

REDUCES FLUID : Ivy is known for detoxifying and boosting the microcirculation.
Its creamy texture, delicately scented, is rapidly absorbed and enables to get dressed immediately.


Apply morning and evening to all areas of concern.


All types, Normal skin



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